Beware of Fake Wines

Don’t worry I am not talking about the Twenty dollar red wine you might or might not be drinking right now, that’s most likely the real thing. What I am talking about is something that you probably shouldn’t be too worried about, but should be aware of anyway. The kinds of wines that I am talking about are those rare and exclusive bottles of wine that probably cost more than your car. Since these wines have very high prices and at the beginning had little to no security measures that would indicate if a good forgery is a forgery, people from all over the world has made an art of doing this.

Counterfeiting has been around for a long time, let it be money, works of art, and even consumables. Making forgeries of wines is nothing new, the reason for the sudden rose of their production is the technology now available today. They now make forgeries so well that only complete experts can actually determine if a bottle is legit or not, one billionaire even hiring an ex-FBI agent to investigate for him, though a bit too late as he had already paid for the Hundred Thousand Dollar Bottle.


Why buy old expensive wines? Well, it has become a sort of status symbol to the rich and wine enthusiasts. If you are rich, then you have to do something impressive with all that extra money, and many go for collections, some have historical memorabilia, some have rare books, and others rare and old wines. They can also be considered as investments as the fewer bottles in existence are left the higher the value of the bottle you own. For wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts, having a bottle of wine so rare is like owning the hope diamond, they love wine and they like it when fellow wine enthusiast are awed by their collection.

In the series “White Collar”, a TV series about a master art forger/thief now working for the FBI, there was a series arc where they faced an old nemesis of the protagonist, challenged him to create a forgery of the most valuable bottle of wines in the world. The show showed us how simple it was to pass most of the tests if you were a master forger, the first thing is getting the bottle, which empty ones are far less expensive and a bit more easier to find if you know where to look (black market), second is the cork which can easily be forged by looking for corks produced at a similar time, Labels are easy enough to create by getting stationary or paper from the same time it was made. And the contents can be any cheap wine as you will be sealing it in there, and no one would want to open a million dollar bottle of wine. All of the materials will cost a bit of money, but if you pass the entire test your investment will pay off.

That was just an episode from a TV series, but it showed us that there are people to go above and beyond to trick other people and make money through these counterfeits. In the real world, forgers don’t even bother to do something so complicated of a procedure as in the movies. So other than losing your hard earned money buying Counterfeit wines, your health could also be in danger.

The next time some guy tells you he can get you a bottle of Petrus, remember that you’re talking to him from the back of a van.

My Experience in Dubai

I am not a wealthy man, but I have a lot of friends, some of them are very well off, and I am fortunate enough that my friends are very generous. Last year a friend of mine invited me to a trip to Dubai, and everything was on him. Everything from the airfare to the hotel accommodations, meals, and just about anything really, I didn’t to pass up this opportunity as I would need to save up for a long, long time just to even afford a fraction of the things he was planning to do there, so I took up his offer and finally got to experience the wonders of Dubai.

Most of you are probably expecting me to tell you that we traveled via private jet, but no we didn’t I didn’t say my friend was a billionaire or something, he is just really well-off. We traveled business class, comfortable, a bit pricey, but not too much.

When we got there a car was waiting for us and took as to our hotel, I forgot the name, it had intercontintal in its name… but it was awesome, I had my own suite which was sweet! (I apologize for the pun), and there was a creek you could walk by which was beautiful, I have to say seeing the city of Dubai is quite jaw dropping, so many things to see and such a grand city in the middle of the desert.

The first day was a bit of like a free day for me, as my friend had to handle something that day, business or whatever, rich people problems not mine. He told me to have lunch in the hotel and just charge it to the room, which I did because I would probably be paying my credit card bill in staggered if I paid for it myself.  Later that day, I went to the mall, but unlike the ones we have back home, malls in Dubai are huge! At least the one I went to was… I think it’s the largest in the world. I bought some key chains as souvenirs for people back home, yeah I am also cheap. After strolling around I went back to the hotel and enjoyed the pool.


The next day my friend told me he’s done with business there and that we will be going yachting. Yes you read that correctly! Yachting! Nowadays in Dubai yacht rental business is booming, there are many different yachts to choose from that suits every ones pocket. So an associate of his rented it but had to go elsewhere for business and let us use it. And let me tell you that was the best time I had riding a yacht, in fact it’s currently the only time I ever rode a yacht. With so many things to see, and the view of the city from the marina, I highly recommend anyone traveling to Dubai to rent a yacht. The man made islands were beautiful, the people were beautiful, and the fellow yachters (surprisingly a word) were quite fun to be with.

Friends and family is the true treasure in life, for without them you cannot enjoy the small things in life, also some of them might even invite you to enjoy the grander things in life.

Find out Why Atlanta Is Among The Top Destinations For Plastic Surgery

celeb surgeryCosmetic surgery’s price is always a crucial factor to study when seeking cosmetic surgery. In general terms, the last expense of cosmetic surgery contains a fee for the surgeon, the operating space, the anesthesia, and any healthcare devices (such as breast implants). You are able to finance all or part of the price of your own cosmetic surgery.

Laser liposuction is a powerful alternative to conventional liposuction surgery. Women should also carefully think about the surgeons who’ll be performing the cosmetic surgery that they’ve decided upon.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t covered by medical insurance. The vast majority of cosmetic surgery procedures aren’t covered by your life insurance, and surgery can be exceedingly expensive. Patients in their 20s typically don’t have to be concerned about cosmetic concerns related to age. A lot of patients within their 50s are thinking about undergoing facial plastic surgery, natural skin care treatments, and reconstructive surgery.

Modern dentistry offers a large number of treatment choices for people trying to intensify their smile. Cosmetic Surgery center has provided a number of aesthetic surgery procedures in a secure and expert environment. While, it really is true that Atlanta is among one of many top destinations to visit if you wish to have cosmetic surgery, clients choose to do the breast augmentation in Atlanta because it offers better price for the same or even better quality of work in many cases, Atlanta is also a lovely spot to visit and has quite a few things to provide as you’re recovering from following your surgery. When you decide to have your own surgery in Atlanta you’ll secure the very best and quality care in addition to a lovely spot to do it.

Does the Price Equal Quality for the Cosmetic Surgery?

The caliber of treatment is very good value for money too. It is quite impossible to offer precise prices without seeing you particularly in person, because each procedure is individually priced grounded on the operating time estimate, form of anesthesia required, and also the particular techniques used. The company provides an extensive array of surgical cosmetic procedures.

Facelift provides both men as well as women with unparalleled facial rejuvenation, and its own effects might be enhanced when it’s performed in conjunction with other plastic surgery procedures as well as skin treatments. Thermage treatment is quite popular since it creates instant results. The therapy time really depends on the skin area the patient wants to improve. The price of surgical treatments will even vary based on the individual requirements of the patient.

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