We love to microwave our food, especially when there’s no time left and you’re in a rush. However, there are a few exceptions that can’t be put inside a microwave. So what are they? Continue reading down below to find out.

  1. Hard Boiled Eggs
  2. If you think that hard boiling eggs using a microwave is a good thing, then think again. Doing so is a recipe for disaster. The heat inside the microwave will create a lot of steam in the egg, thus, resulting in it to explode. Save yourself from the mess and boil it normally instead.

  3. Meat
  4. Want to defrost frozen meat using a microwave? Stop! It’s not possible. What will happen is that the thinner edges start cooking while the middle will remain in its frozen state. This leads to an uneven heat distribution that can lead to bacteria growth. Why not defrost it normally by taking it out from the freezer at night? You will have ready to cook meat when the morning comes.

  5. Breastmilk
  6. Microwaving breastmilk will warm it unevenly and can also create scalding hot spots, making your little one having a hard time to drink it. As a bonus, it will also destroy your breastmilk’s nutrients, especially when being microwaved at high power.

  7. Chinese Takeout Boxes
  8. Most Chinese restaurants have these metal holders for these takeout boxes, which is not microwavable. Try putting it inside a microwave, and you have yourself a cozy fire started by your microwave. Why not put the contents inside a bowl and microwave that instead? It’ll save you time and trouble.

  9. Plastic Containers
  10. This is the most common thing that shouldn’t ever be put inside a microwave, yet people still do. Here’s why it’s bad: Plastic contains estrogen-like chemicals that can leach into your food once the plastic is heated. Do yourself a favor and empty the contents on a plate and microwave that instead.

  11. Styrofoam
  12. Anything that’s made from Styrofoam; be it cups or containers is also a no go for microwaves. Just like plastic, it releases harmful chemicals once heated.

  13. Metallic Wares
  14. Have some metallic-trimmed bowls or fancy looking china plates? Then better keep them away from the microwave then. The metallic rimming will react to the microwave’s heat, which can cause trouble. Don’t be lazy and use a microwavable plate instead.

  15. Travel Mug
  16. Travel mugs are great. They are portable, versatile, can keep the heat inside your cup. However, don’t ever put them inside the microwave. Why? Because these stainless steel mugs will heat up and may damage your microwave. Do yourself a favor and use a standard microwavable mg instead when heating something up.

  17. Leaving it On
  18. Stop playing around with your microwave. If you’re having nostalgia because it looks like old generation TV’s with buttons on the side, then stop that. Heating nothing will damage your microwave and may even start a fire. Always keep it unplugged whenever you have kids around.

  19. Plain Water
  20. Heating plain water inside a ceramic or glass container using a microwave is a recipe for disaster. When you do, water becomes superheated. Whenever you try to move the cup, it will erupt into boiling water. To avoid this kind of situation, only heat it for longer cycles only.

  21. Your “Favorite” Mug
  22. If your grandma has a favorite mug that was still dated back in the 80s, then tell her that those things shouldn’t be microwaved. This is because most of these “ancient” mugs are made from materials that could cause radiation such as lead and other harmful metals.

  23. Some “Microwave Safe” Wares
  24. Some of these “microwave safe” ceramics are not actually microwavable. Don’t believe anything you see until you try it for yourself. Two things will happen: It’s either you can microwave that container without damaging it, OR you will damage the microwave because of that specific “microwave safe” container. Consider using a bowl or plate when microwaving your food to keep yourself away from trouble.