Whether you are a do-it-yourself craftsman or an established fixture custom builder, it is important that you educate yourself about metal finish choices. As always, when choosing fixtures for your home or commercial space, the choice is yours to make.

However, taking the time to educate yourself about the finishes available and what they do will help you make the right choice. You’ll also be able to recommend fixtures to your sales team easily and quickly.

Let’s take a look at metal finishes, what they are, their advantages and disadvantages, and how you can use them to your advantage. The first metal finishes, we’ll look at is matte black.

Available in several different forms such as brushed nickel brushed bronze, chrome, and brushed silver, matte black gives any structure a sleek, professional look. It is incredibly easy to install and maintain and creates a dramatic difference in the appearance of a room.

Brushed nickel provides a similar look but is a little more expensive. Other metal finishes include flat brass, brushed nickel, chrome, copper, and natural gold. Each one of these has its own benefits and drawbacks, but all provide a classy, professional look.

Flat brass is a simple, utilitarian finish that can be made to mimic a variety of other finishes including brass, gold, and copper. Chrome and brushed nickel are two of the most popular types of chrome finishes because of their relative ease of installation and maintenance.

Natural gold is often used as an accent or base color on stainless steel fixtures because of its reflective properties. When deciding on the types of metal finishes you would like to use on your home or office, there are several factors to consider.

First, consider the overall length of the space where you plan to install the fixtures. Different finishes create different perceived sizes, so having an understanding of your overall space will help you choose the best possible finish for your space.

Consider how much space your fixtures will occupy when choosing among the different finishes as well; some materials, such as glass shades, will cover a large area and appear smaller than they actually are if they are installed too deep.

Another factor to consider is the type of lighting your decorating will require. Many people with modern decor styles will choose matte black or flat brass light fixtures, which match the general aesthetic of black glass. The mil c 5541 is one thing you should definitely learn more about if you want only the best metal finishes.

However, a more traditional style home or office will benefit from the additional warmth offered by a satin nickel or chrome finish. Depending on your overall design philosophy, the type of finish you choose will also depend on whether your decorating will be contemporary traditional, or somewhere in between.

You may also want to invest in a light fixture to complement the decorative elements in your room. Before making your final selection, you should find a good source for brass metal finishes.

Most hardware stores carry a wide variety and selection of brass fixtures, including several different types of rings, bases, screws, and other hardware parts. If you need further information on these products or if our sales team can assist you with specific details, contact us right away.

A final consideration in choosing the right decorative metal finish for your unique home or business is the mood you want to create. While our sales team has a lot of suggestions for specific finishes, our biggest recommendation is to go with something you are passionate about.

Even if you are not artistic, we guarantee you will love the look it adds to your rooms. Most European country lanterns are crafted from wood, and our European country decorating catalog will help you choose the best base to fit your decorating needs.

Whether you are looking for a rustic charm, a whimsical European fairy tale, or a more traditional elegant look, we have the perfect choice for you. Remember, if you are ordering custom-made lanterns be sure to order enough of them to cover all of your interior spaces, including windows and doors.

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