Keeping your wine stored under the right condition is necessary to keep its flavor and quality intact. However, maintaining your wine storage could be very laborious and expensive. Do not fret because there are wine storage facilities that you can rent in Portland if you do not have space or the budget to maintain an in-house wine storage.

These wine storage offers the clients with wine lockers where they can keep their wines. The locker could fit a single case up to a hundred. The lockers are temperature controlled, making sure that your wines are stored at the right temperature. The wine lockers are made of metal or wood.

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Pests are another concern in wine storage. You need to check with the wine storage whether they have pest control in place because there is nothing more disgusting that having your expensive wine touched by icky pests. Usually, a wine storage company will contract the services of a professional pest control company to manage their pest control activities.

I was happy to know that guys from Рpest control Portland division worked for some wine storage in our location. I actually had to ask the pest control company to make sure that the wine storage is not just giving me lip service.

Another advantage of having a wine storage are the perks that they give to their members. Some wine storage facilities can pick-up your wine cases from your home and deliver them to you when you need it. That is very convenient especially for busy clients that do not have the time to make another stop on the way their house.

If you need to move, they also have an insulated and refrigerated truck to help you relocate your cellar to another location within the Northwest states.

Wine storage also has lounges where you can entertain your guests. They can even prepare food for you. You just need to contact them ahead of time so they can accommodate your request.

Here are other advantages of having a rented wine storage

  • Save on cost

The cost of having a wine cellar does not end after the construction of your cellar. It goes on and on as you use it. Having a rental storage will only let you pay when you want to keep your storage space. Using a rental storage does not compromise the cellar conditions that you need to store your wine.

  • Resist the temptation

Since the wine is not in sight, you will not risk drinking it ahead of time.

  • Wine drop service

Your wine deliveries can be delivered directly to your wine storage. No need to move it from your home to the storage facility.

  • 24/7 access

You can go to the storage facility anytime and not have to pay for anything each time you visit.

  • Security

You are given a locker with your set of locks and keys. The storage facility also has security measures in place, such as CCTVs, alarms, and regular lock checks.

  • Wine Storage Insurance

Insurance may be an additional expense, but it will be worth it especially you are storing fine, high-value wines in another location. Having an insurance can take your worries away.