When you can’t work and are experiencing a problem making ends meet, longing for your Social Security Disability case being accredited might seem like an eternity. This sensation of permanently may not be only within your creativity, nonetheless, based on the Social Security Administration, the total five-step Social Security Disability program, as well as appeals process presently, averages 440 times – that is over 12 months! And so why do Social Security Disability (SSD) cases require so very long being approved?


In 2009 alone, over 3.3 million Americans filed for Social Security or SSD benefits Income (SSI) advantages. This’s an enormous caseload for the SS Administration (SSA) to process, therefore the majority of disability applicants should count on it to have approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the time they use to get a preliminary choice on their case. Sometimes claims are approved the moment they’re prepared. In case your SSD case is airtight and you have an ailment fitting the Social Security Disability eligibility needs it may help you move just 3 to 4 months being approved. Great! Typically just approximately thirty % of uses are approved at the original phase of the application process, however.

Most SSD applicants do not match the SSA’s certain disability guidelines or maybe they lack medical evidence to allow for their case. Due to this particular, most SSD instances are denied the very first time around, needing them to go through the appeals process to be able to get benefits. In case you get a notification your claim for SSI or SSD benefits was denied you’ve sixty many days to appeal the determination with a written Request for Reconsideration. When you’ve filed your Request for Reconsideration it is able to take anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to get the decision relating to your demand (depending on your specific disability claim as well as the caseload of your neighborhood SS Office). Now we are approximately 6 to 10 weeks into the Social Security Disability claims process.

Somewhat less than twenty-five % of Requests for Reconsideration are resolved in the favor of the candidate. If your demand is denied, you finally have another sixty many days to appeal the denied reconsideration petition and demand a hearing by an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ). As a result of the SSA’s hearing backlog, it is able to have annually plus to have your hearing scheduled. And so by the time your hearing date comes, you might be 2 decades into the disability case procedure. Furthermore, in case at any time you wait over sixty many days to appeal a decision, you have to have the entire process over again.

Just how can You Accelerate the Social Security Disability Claim Process?

In case you’re considering requesting SSD benefits, it is essential to utilize when you and your health professionals agree that your disability will last a full season. Apart from that, the most effective way to make sure your case qualifies in the original phase of the application procedure is hiring an SS Disability advocate to enable you to file your claim. An advocate with lots of expertise winning SS Disability cases is already aware of precisely what really needs to remain in your first claim, what sort of instructions you need to have, and what type of medical proof you need to be able to be approved. Ugalde & Rzonca will help protect the rights of people injured at work and to defend the disabled and have been successful giving each client the personal attention they deserve.

Payment to the SS Disability advocate is controlled by the government, and just get paid once they succeed in your case. Your advocate’s payment will be the same regardless of whenever they start focusing on your case, therefore hiring an advocate in the very start may be the smartest thing you are able to do to accelerate the SSD claim procedure. Do not wait many years to get SSD benefits; hire an SSD advocate to manage your SSI or SSD claim and improve your odds of a rapid approval.