Male’s jewelry designs, materials & rates have developed over the previous 2 years, particularly in the world of bold biker like add-ons which are simply the most perfect method to lengthen the rebel walk, attire, and talk of hardy leather jackets ripped rugged boots and jeans.

Yeah, you have it right…we’re discussing Diamond skull rings, as well as that way, are made for the males who like everything on the crazy side, particularly their jewelry. With a meticulously crafted Diamond silver skull ring on a single finger or much more, the genuine motorbike enthusiast gets to pull off a hostile, menacing, do not mess with me appear that’s daring and correctly suitable the smokin’ Harley out in front!


Die-hard bikers, or’ rebels’ as your grandma may call it, typically are picky with jewelry they would use. Rear Tone jewelry only offer the best silver jewelry in the online market. Be sure to check them out.

  1. If it is easy to rock legend worthy, it is no great.
  2. It appears cheap, it lacks pride and class. You would not use a rope rather than a bike chain right now, would you?
  3. Tasteful additions of fiery diamonds to skull rings is a wild concept which finally makes biker jewelry a practical choice vs. a regular male’s diamond ring. Having diamonds It is the combination of actual, over the edge design and luxury.

When someone desires to ignite the flame within, allow it to increase up in flames under a warm set of wheels – and also drive over every sedate fashion statement common male’s jewelry makes so much, stone-eyed skull rings truly deliver.

Genuine Diamonds & Skulls: A brand new Revelation

To create an entirely wicked diamond skull ring, a bronze band is first cast and hands etched with stylistic flames, tattoo designs as well as various other details. The traditional style calls for Fine genuine diamonds in the.1 carat to.5 carat assortment, that are then thoroughly set usually in the concave eyes of the skull. Small stones also can adorn the forehead, mouth, or perhaps basically anywhere else on the band. Nevertheless, males typically do not love tacky designs that incorporate several tiny stones scattered around! In case you’re purchasing for your husband or perhaps significant other, remember that.

To sustain the masculine appeal and design, the traditional diamond skull band has 2 great round cut real diamonds set in as the eyes of the skull. Countless designer ideas because of the placement of black diamonds are able to trigger a much more gothic themed appearance while still managing to focus urban design in an inimitable manner, unlike every other staid male’s accessory piece. Though each individual’s preference will be different so custom will be the only answer to stay away from winding up with something tacky.

For those that test the high seas as well as burn their man-made materials on hostile city streets – sure, the surfers as well as the motorcyclist mavericks, a bronze skull band designed on the collections of a Pirates of the Caribbean theme, finished with crossbones, is a good way to obtain a bold, obstruct engraving logo that expresses’ dangerous to know’ while reflecting style that is individual.

Genuine diamonds, particularly virtually perfect types, do command a premium price. However, it may be less then you’d think! You are able to buy a great slice with excessive polish in 925 genuine silver with authentic, radiant diamonds for close to $250.