The first step in applying eyelid makeup is to apply a primer. Then, use a variety of eye shadow shades and blend them together.

To create a vertical gradient, apply a darker shade on the bottom of your eyelid, a medium shade next to your lash line, and a light shade closest to your brow bone. For best results, use a small precision brush and blend from the creases up.

Applying Eyelid Makeup — a Guide for Beginners

For a dramatic look, apply a medium-to-dark brown shadow to the crease. It will help the shadow stay longer and blend out harsh lines. You can also use a dome-shaped brush to sculpt the outer corners of the eyelid.

Using a domed-shaped brush, you can also apply a medium-to-dark color to the top and bottom of the outer lid. If you have deep wrinkles and dark circles, do not apply eye makeup to these areas. To create a glossy eyelid, you can use a transparent lip gloss on the lid.

This type of gloss is best for creating a wet look, but you can also buy colored ones if you want a more intense color. Lastly, use a highlighter or shiny kiss proof lipstick to add extra glam to your eyelids. If you do not want a wet look, use a light-colored pencil on the bottom lashes.

A dome-shaped brush is best for this area because it gets right into the crease, and the shadows blend in nicely. For a more subtle look, choose a medium-dark matte eye shadow for this area.

Then, use a blending tool to blend the shades on your lower lid. If you want to go all out with your eye makeup, you should use a light brown shade in the transition areas, as it will not settle into the skin as well as on your upper lid.

Knowing Where to Put the Shades

The crease is the folded area of skin above your eyelid. The crease is the area where the shadows blend the best, so be sure to use a dark matte shade there. Then, use a lighter color in the inner corner to create a smokey effect.

This is also the perfect time to play with colors. The more you know, the more you can experiment with eyelid makeup! You’ll find that this type of look is the most flattering to you. The crease is the folded area of skin on your eyelid above the crease.

The crease is the best place to apply eyelid makeup because it adds depth to your eyelid. However, it is important to choose the right shadow shade if you want to avoid a crepey lid. If you have this condition, you may have an enlarged or deep socket.

If you have both, it is best to use a medium-toned shadow to create the shape. If you have prominent or deep set eyes, try to wear light on the lid and dark on the crease. This will make your eyes look smaller. Then, use a dark shade for the inner crease to balance out the shape of your eyes.

The inner crease is the fold between your eyeball and the outer corner of your eye. For this type of eye, you can apply anything to the top of the eyelid. You cannot wear liner on the bottom of your eyelid. If ever you have a set of “drooping” eyelids, you can try this product: lids by design.

Using a matte eyeshadow will give your eyelids an almost wet look. To achieve this look, use a transparent lip gloss to give your eyes a glossy appearance.

For a natural-looking look, apply a light-colored shadow to your outer lids and crease. You can also add a little highlighter to the outer corners of your eye. The final step in eyelid makeup is to add more color to the crease and the inner corner of your eyelid.

Learn More About Your Eyelid Type

Different eyelid shapes call for different eyelid makeup styles. The most common is the double eyelid look. You can apply a single shade of eyeshadow or a double-eyelid make up look.

To create the double eyelid look, start with a light color on the inner lid. Then, use a darker shade of the same shade in the crease. You can then go on with applying your favorite shadow to the outer lids.